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The Rise of Fast Casual Dining and What the Independent Restaurant Owner Can Learn from It.

I wasn’t too long ago when restaurant goers had only three options for going out: fast food for a quick bite, casual dining for a fun night out, and fine dining for that really special occasion. Nowadays those lines are little g...

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The Hot Topic of Food Waste

If food waste has not been on top of your mind in the past, that is all about to change. What most Americans haven’t been thinking about, and may not understand, is that food waste is one of the biggest social and environmental ...

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Is the No Tipping Policy Good for Your Restaurant

If it isn’t hard enough to make it in the restaurant business, new minimum wage legislation has made things even more challenging.  In order to combat the situation restaurateurs across the country are starting to experiment wi...

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Is It Time to Wake Up Your Restaurant?

Is it Time to Make a Change?  What Does it Take to Re-Brand? Is your restaurant tired and stuck in a rut.  What may have worked when you first opened your restaurant just doesn’t seem to be cutting it anymore.  It may be time...

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Dealing with Difficult Customers

We all know that the customer is not always right; however they are still your customers and you also need to be conscious of all your other customers sitting around them.   You will never win by being nasty or rude.  It is rea...

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Catering to Kids

Whether your establishment is a simple family eatery or offers higher end, high-concept dining, catering to kids and doing it right can increase repeat business in your restaurant. Sure, children don’t pay the check, but if they...

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