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Great Service Doesn’t Happen “Auto-magically”

Restaurant Server Training

It is nearly impossible to grow your business and increase sales without repeat business, and in the restaurant business, hospitality is the key to customer loyalty.

Regardless of how amazing your food is, it is actually the way your staff interact with your customers that is going to make or break whether the customers come back. Which is why it surprises me to see, time and time again, that restaurants have a budget for advertising to attract new customers, but then spend little or no money on training staff on how to make sure every guest leaves happy and wants to come back time and time again.

Restaurants typical train on the nuts and bolts of service, how to use the cappuccino machine, how to put an order into the kitchen, how to set the table,  “the big money” training, how to “wow” a customer, often gets left at the curb.

As a restaurant owner, your front line is the face of your restaurant, they are the first and last thing your customers experience.  You simply can’t be successful without out good service no matter how great your food, concept or advertising are.

It doesn’t make sense to put money into advertising if your guests leave disappointed.  On the other-hand combine advertising with great service and your returns increase exponentially.

Here’s why, let’s say you spent $800 on a magazine ad and it brought you in 80 new customers. That would mean you spent $10 to acquire each customer.  If they only come once, it cost you $10, a lot of money. But get them to return and tell their friends to come, and cha ching! Now you are making money. Done right, big money!

The thing is, people initially come for the food, but they come back for the service. You make every effort and work so hard to make sure the food is precisely done, the music is just right, your menu is interesting, and the lighting is perfect, but have you put that same time and attention into planning or training how you want the customer to feel? Is this what holds you back from letting your good restaurant be a great business?

I know that to some extent, every restaurant is doing some staff skill training, how to put an order into the POS, how long to wait before they bring the salads, etc., but many restaurants are falling short on training the hospitality aspects.

It’s about giving your front line, the people who have direct contact with your customers, the Hospitality Mentality! This level of training will result in bigger sales and happier customers. Teaching your staff members how to make a customer know that you appreciate their business merely because the way you make them feel.

The result for your business will not only be happier customers, but also greater trust and confidence in your staff, knowing that they have your back and understands the important role they play in not only the amount of money they take home, but in the success of your business.   In other words, peace of mind.

Do you need a program for sales and service training?  Contact me about my Positively Profits Sales and Service Training.  Onsite training sessions available.

Written by:

Janet Irizarry
JI Restaurant Consulting
Positively Profits